Today is thanksgiving day here in the USA – I am deeply and sorrowfully affected by the time of crisis in my Indian motherland – due to menace of terrorism and cowardice acts practiced in the name of religion. Last night, heavily armed gunmen stormed into  hotels,  tourist attractions and train stations and carried out attacks on innocent civilians killing 100+ and injuring 300+ people.  Mumbai experienced bomb blasts before… and now more and more again – as I read from News media the ordeal is not over yet. Those heart-less terrorists are still keeping hostages and remain hiding in the hotels.  One thing for sure, terrorism has NEVER won in the history and it NEVER will.

Of all the places that were on the attack, I am very saddened to find my favorite places were hit. Looking into my past, I fondly remember my days when I toured with my friend Krishnamoorthy staying at Taj Mahal Hotel and had some good international food and drinks at  Leopold Cafe. During my college days, I also experienced the fun of touring/shopping around Victoria terminus (Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus).

My condolences go to all the people affected by these acts of terrorism. We are all world citizens – It is time for decisive global action against these brain-dead fundamentalists.

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