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3 Casino Games with a Low House Edge

Casino Games

No gambler would wish for a loss on the tables or machines. Every session starts with multiple winning prospects, but not many of them turn out in your favor. Since all casino games have been designed to place the house at an advantage, you need to know that none of them will enrich you with a long-term betting strategy. However, not all games are equal. So, you can expect some difference in the effect of each session on your account balance. The payout percentage will differ from one game to another. While some may offer you a fairly good payout, many others might suck in every last penny you wagered. It is important that you understand the games with a low house edge so that you don’t have to play the ones leading you to pits of massive losses. Here is a list of the best casino games with a low house edge.


1. Blackjack

Of all the casino games, this session on the table offers you multiple opportunities to win money by stacking the cards to a cumulative sum of 21. Blackjack variants have also been developed over the past several years, and they are finding firm ground in both land-based casinos and online casinos. The difference between these variants is the number of cards and the way they are dealt. When you cannot afford huge losses, the best option is to find a single-deck game that has improved your chances of winning. Some basic strategies will help you gain a better advantage over the casino in this game of house edge, starting from 1.5%.

2. Craps

Some gamblers would conveniently avoid craps to indulge in games requiring lesser social interaction. Although this table demands an interactive session, you don’t always need to force yourself to be noisy. As long as you enjoy such an environment, you are likely to love this slightly difficult game. Once you have understood the rules and the basics, the house edge will drive you closer to the table to get started. The advantage of the casino ranges from 1.4% to 5%. Being one of the games with the lowest house edge, craps has the potential to help build a better gambling career with more winnings. Go for the don’t pass/don’t come bets since they have the lowest house edge in the game.


3. Baccarat

If you are fed up with slots or don’t want to play it, there is a game offering the same level of activity at a lower risk of losses. You also need to use only basic strategies to gain an advantage over the casino. A house edge of 1.5% is available on various bets in baccarat. You can choose to wager only on the Banker, Player, or a Tie. Since rigid rules have been set for the card distribution in the game, you may have to pay attention to the decks being dealt.

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